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Rider Nation News 6/6/2014 LAST SCHOOL DAY FOR SENIORS

The Announcements will be typed for the rest of the school year.  Today and next Monday (6/9/14) will be the last day of announcements. 

Teachers, please read the announcements to your class or have a student volunteer to read them aloud. 

Joke of the day:

Q: How many letters are in the alphabet?

A: There’s 11 letters in "the alphabet"


Seniors! This is your LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! You’ve all done a great job this week, today is your last day of finals, and you are all going to do fantastic.  Finish off the year strong, and finish off high school strong, you’ve made it this far.  We look forward to seeing the seniors graduate on Wednesday June 11th at 6pm here at Roosevelt.

9, 10, and 11th graders! We have finals next week from Wednesday, June 11th to June 13th.  Do your best to study now and pass your classes so you don’t have to make them up in the future!

New RHS student government members! Our first student government meeting is TODAY after school, come see Haedon Brunelle, or Teyah Hartley if you cannot attend the meeting.  We will meet in front of the Heritage room at 3:30 after school, then head to our Student Government Office!


solitude (noun)

State of being alone.

Desperate for human contact after years of solitude, the hermit decided to go to the nearest town for a meal

And remember, as riders we excel academically, act respectfully, and live responsibly, all day, everyday. And it is always a great day to be a rider.

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